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Patient Dialogue

Starting the dialogue with your patients about BYETTA

The following are important topics you may want to discuss with patients starting or considering treatment with BYETTA® (exenatide) injection.

Your patients may be interested to know how BYETTA works to help improve blood sugar levels

BYETTA helps the body release its own insulin. When used with diet and exercise, BYETTA works to help improve blood sugar levels in the following ways:

  • Helps the pancreas release insulin when needed
  • Stops the release of a hormone that triggers the liver to make sugar when it’s not needed
  • Improves insulin response after meals
  • Slows down how quickly the stomach empties, sending sugar into the blood more slowly
  • Helps reduce the amount of food eaten (BYETTA is NOT a weight-loss product)

Your patients may have questions about how to use BYETTA

  • Information about how to prepare and inject BYETTA is provided in the Instructions for Use included with each BYETTA Pen.
  • If patients have further questions about using the BYETTA Pen, they can refer to the list of BYETTA Pen Frequently Asked Questions.
  • They can also speak with a trained professional about using the BYETTA Pen by calling the toll-free support line at 1-800-868-1190.

Your patients may want to know about support they can receive during treatment

A variety of free resources are available to help your patients throughout their BYETTA treatment journey:

BYETTA By Your Side logo

BYETTA By Your Side® is a free support program that provides information and motivation that patients may need to start and continue therapy.

Put the BYETTA By Your Side® Program on your patients' side

  • Provide a Patient Starter Kit to new patients and encourage enrollment in the BYETTA By Your Side® Program.
  • Patients can enroll through the reply card in the Patient Starter Kit, at , or by calling 1-800-868-1190.

BYETTA Customer Support Center (1-800-868-1190)

Patients can call our toll-free hotline to get answers to their questions about BYETTA from a live expert who can walk them through starting and using the BYETTA Pen.

Your patients may also want to learn about how they can save on their BYETTA prescription

For those who qualify, AstraZeneca is committed to assisting appropriate patients with type 2 diabetes by offering savings on BYETTA. The MySavingsRx Card can help eligible patients qualify for assistance with out-of-pocket copay costs. Eligibility requirements and terms of use apply. Visit to learn more.